Appearance on Open Book, Radio 4, plus Latitude, Scottish Review of Books and FourFourTwo

Posted: March 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

This week’s news:


I’ve been confirmed for Open Book on Radio 4 – I’ll be interviewed by Mariella Frostrup, and it’ll be on your wireless at 4pm on Sunday 18th March – I’m heading to London to record it on the 14th. (Which means that if I do too many sweary words then they have time to edit before broadcast.)


I’ve been confirmed for the Latitude Festival on Saturday 14th July in The Literary Arena alongside Pat Nevin and Alan Bissett. Great line up – never mind books, I’m looking forward to seeing St Vincent, Laura Marling, Bon Iver, and about a hundred others. That one probably won’t feel like work. Ticket information can be found here.


Reviews starting to trickle in already for the new novel. Two very different readerships, here:

The new issue of the Scottish Review of Books is available in full online here, including a full review of Bring Me the Head of Ryan Giggs by Jennie Renton. But here’s an extract:

“Through the characters of men for whom football is a vernacular of the heart, a tradition that offers a reliability absent from the rest of life, Glass explores aspects of the male persona in contemporary British society. He draws out the importance of group identification and hierarchy and what happens when an individual loses their sense of place, how violence becomes a ready option when personal feelings can’t be articulated. He looks at the demands and expectations placed on men….Glass is spot on with the sort of detail that will convince football fans of whatever persuasion. You can practically smell the Bovril at half time. He captures the nostalgia for the days when the big name players played for love of the sport, before money turned the game into something not quite as beautiful as it once was. And through Mike he shows football fandom as a glorious tribal cult that in the end is no substitute for life lived to the full.”

Good stuff.

Meanwhile, FourFourTwo magazine said the novel is “a unique idea…worth a look for its freshness” but thought it was “too complicated, with too many intertwining narratives.” Still, they did have a favourite quote, but it was a bit dirty…

More reviews to come in the weeks ahead. Meanwhile, this weekend (9-11 March 2012) sees Strathclyde University’s Write Now Creative Writing conference at the Mitchell Library, featuring the likes of Sara Sheridan, Nicola Morgan and Ewan Morrison, followed by my event alongside Alan Bissett and Richard Wilson on Sunday 11th March. Details here.



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