LoveSexTravelMusik out now / ‘We’re All Gonna Have the Blues’ Beacons offer

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On APRIL 22nd 2013 my new book, LoveSexTravelMusik, was published by the good people at Freight Books. Freight were responsible for Dougie’s War which I wrote jointly with Dave Turbitt and was published in 2010. Freight also published me in their magazine Gutter several times, and even published my very first story way back in 2004, so I’m very happy to be working with them again. As ever, Freight (who started out as Freight Design and have won multiple awards for their work) have made the new book a thing of beauty, replete with travel map, fourteen double page spreads, and multiple translations of quotes hidden in amongst the text.

Here’s the blurb from the Freight website….

“A lads’ weekend in Eastern Europe spirals out of control. A bleeding tourist is rescued by a stranger in downtown Toronto. A middle-aged woman holidaying in Tunisia considers the local options for love. An unemployed man shares his fantasies of a sex tour of Arizona with his long-suffering girlfriend. A woman is drawn into an impromptu but life-changing football game in the heart of the Amazon.

Following his universally acclaimed third novel, Bring Me the Head of Ryan Giggs, Somerset Maugham Award-winner, Rodge Glass, has created a themed, contemporary story collection like no other. With wit, wisdom, insight and pathos, he examines men and women of all ages who, through the advent of discount air travel, play out their lives and loves across the globe. Glass brilliantly captures the isolation, dislocation and occasional epiphanies of those who find themselves a thousand miles from home, and those who long to be.”

You can order the book direct from the Freight site. Click here. It is also in a UK-wide offer in WH Smiths Travel stores for a while after publication.

To celebrate the publication of LoveSexTravelMusik I did an interview in The Herald newspaper, available here, and did launches in Glasgow, Manchester and Edge Hill University.

In the summer I’ll be doing the Edinburgh Book Festival alongside the excellent Comma Press short story writer Adam Marek. Details TBC.  Meanwhile there’s a detailed interview with me on the Blank Media Collective website. You can see it here.


I’m delighted that Bring Me the Head of Ryan Giggs was published by Tindal Street Press / Serpent’s Tail on APRIL 4th 2013. This is also in an offer in all WH Smith Travel stores for the first month or so. Having spent much of 2012 touring the book I won’t be doing many events for it this time around, but there will be select, and some secret appearances in the months ahead. For more information please visit Tindal Street / Profile’s website. All enquiries, interviews, bookings etc. relating Bring Me the Head of Ryan Giggs to my publicist please. Contact:


I contributed my story ‘We’re All Gonna Have the Blues’ to this book, which is a series of environmentally flavoured tales from many more distinguished authors than me, including the likes of Toby Litt, Joanne Harris, AL Kennedy, Janice Galloway, Adam Thorpe and others. I recently launched the book alongside Gregory Norminton, Clare Dudman, sponsored by Manchester Literary Festival, at the International Anthony Burgess Centre, also at Waterstone’s in Piccadilly, London, but there are many more events around the country in the months ahead, often at major literary festivals. All proceeds go to Stop Climate Chaos. You can buy ‘We’re All Gonna Have the Blues as a one off story on Amazon for mere pence. Click here.

I also wrote a piece related to this, on the emergence f climate fiction, or ‘Cli-Fi’, for The Guardian on 31st May. The piece is available here.

We’re just gathering reviews for the book at the moment, but are very pleased there have been reviews, all very positive in The Guardian, Irish Times, Scotsman, The List and even Traveller magazine – official Easyjet flight magazine. How’s that for a target market eh?


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