Stories for the Easyjet Generation, Serbian Style

Posted: November 23, 2015 in Uncategorized
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rasicI’ve not blogged on this site for quite a while now – mostly because I’ve been hard at work on my next novel, Once a Great Leader – that novel may be very fat in the end, so I don’t expect much to happen in the coming months either, not that can be seen anyway. Which is part of the reason why it’s so lovely to have news of a new translation of my work to share.

Following on from the Italian translation of Bring Me the Head of Ryan Giggs in 2014, I’m really pleased to say that my collection of short stories is now also going to have new life, being published as Priče za easiJet Generacije by the Belgrade-based publisher, Rasic Literary Workshop. This is especially pleasing, as it comes out of six years of regular back and forth in the hope of one day publishing a book in Serbian, since I last appeared at the Kikinda Short Story Festival in 2009, where I travelled alongside the Scottish writers Alan Bissett and Sophie Cooke. That led to a couple of individual translations of my work, and later to a stint as Writer in Residence in the village of Trsic, Serbia, in the Summer of 2012. While in Trsic I was completing work on what became this collection, though I was unable to finish a story set in Serbia itself in time for the book’s deadline. I promised I would try and finish a Serbian-based story one day.

That’s another pleasant thing. My book is to be published there in December 2015, but in a slightly different form – I’ve now finished the Serbian story, which is called ‘The Good Stuff’, and it will be the opening story in the Serbian version of Stories for the Easyjet Generation. I’m very grateful to my translator Natasa Miljkovic and my editor there Srdjan Srdic (who is also a fine writer), and I will be doing a Serbian tour in June 2016. More details to follow. That story hasn’t actually been published at all in English; that’s just a wee present for Serbian readers. Which is nice.

Right, back to that pesky fat novel.



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