Bring Me The Head Of Ryan Giggs

A complex and moving portrayal of obsession, football and heroes with boots of clay. Rodge Glass skilfully warps sincerity with an ironist’s ear – great stuff.”


“For every dream career there are thousands of boys whose dreams are painfully broken. This less-often considered reality is dissected here without losing sight of the love of the game.”

“You’ve heard of me, right? I’m Mikey Wilson, aka ‘Little Giggs’, the Manchester boy born to play at the Theatre of Dreams, and this is my story.

“Everyone gets a book in the end. The bit-part players. The wives. Even some of the ex-wives. But this is no ordinary life right here, it’s proper Roy of the Rovers stuff: last minute goals, amazing comebacks, and one of the most dramatic debuts in history. I came up with the Class of 92, proper Premiership legends everyone’s heard of: Dave Beckham, Scholesy, the Neville Sisters. And then there’s Ryan Giggs, the last great gent of the game. The most successful player of all time. Fergie went to his house to sign him up you know. He did the same with me, and that’s when life began. The girls. The money. The glory.

“Still, not everyone’s as lucky as Ryan. It didn’t help when dad did a Houdini two days before my debut. And then there was that pass from Giggsy when I was clean through – if you didn’t know what a great pro he is, you might have thought he was jealous. I wonder sometimes . . . late at nights. Why he doesn’t answer my letters?

“But you know my story, right? RIGHT? You should do. It’s important. Now LISTEN.”

BRING ME THE HEAD OF RYAN GIGGS  is out in April 2012, published by Tindal St Press. Watch this page for future fixtures and results.